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Koru empowers software teams to drive customer happiness and product improvements whilst decreasing time spent on customer support.

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Customer support as a competitive advantage

At Koru we have reinvented the customer support workflow to include deep integration between your email inbox and your issue tracking and error logging tools. Increase retention and LTV whilst improving engineering efficiency and data driven product decisions

1. An email arrives

Every customer request starts with an email. Improve organisation and response time by easily assign and filter emails by label, status, assignee and more


Easily assign and edit an email’s labels, assignees and status.


Powerful filtering by label, assignee, linked issues and more.

2. Connect emails to issues

Never miss a bug or oversee a feature request. Koru allows you to assign existing issues to incoming emails, as well as create new ones directly in the Gmail interface.

Link existing issues

Use Koru’s interface and powerful search feature to tag a support request with an existing issue in your project management or issue tracking tool.

Create new issues

If no fitting issue is found, easily create new issues from the email with important information pre-filled. Add a label, add a description and delegate the issue without ever leaving Gmail.

3. Get the context you need

Helping customers is hard. Helping customers when you do not have all the information is impossible. We integrate with your existing tools to give you a full view of the customer and their problem.

For engineering decisions

Decrease bug resolution time by having a detailed overview of the users version, OS, linked crash and sentry reports, linked issues & more

For product decisions

Make data driven product decisions by seeing which features were most requested

For support decisions

Decrease response times and increase personalisation by having a full overview of the users profile, status, history & more

4. Keep customers in the loop

Increase customer satisfaction and life-time value by keeping them in the loop. Once you have solved the user’s bug or built their dream feature, Koru pre-drafts a follow-up email informing the customer.

Automated email draft when issue closed

Koru’s two way integration with your issue tracking and project management system ensures that emails to the right customers are drafted automatically when issues are closed.

Automated email draft for follow up

Don’t worry about following up with customers about whether your fix solved their issue or whether they can give you more information. Koru takes care of this for you.

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Integrates with your existing current tools

Another tool? Really? No, we don’t replace your current tools, we just augment them.

Works inside Gmail

No new interface. No learning curve. We insert ourselves straight into your Gmail inbox.

Sync assignees & labels

Don’t clutter your interface with new labels and don’t worry about creating new accounts. Koru syncs your accounts & labels with github.

Get setup in 2 minutes

No long setup or installation is required to get started. Install the extension, connect your platforms and you are good to go.

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Speed up your customer support flow & enable collaboration

At Koru believe in empowering even the busiest PMs, Engineers and Founders, to support customers without compromising their other work. By making your customer support workflows 10x faster, Koru allows anyone to engage directly with customers without significant time investment.

VIM-like shortcuts

Koru was designed with shortcuts in mind. Assign colleagues, add labels, link issues and more, all without using your mouse.


Create a library of common responses and easily insert them into your emails.

Assign & Share

Sync assignees from GitHub and delegate incoming mails. Let your entire team view your shared inbox

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Ready for the next generation of customer support?

7 day free trial, no credit card required to get started. Cancel anytime


9$ per user / month

Up to 10 users

One inbox

Workflow Integrations (GitHub, Sentry)

Conversation history, status, labels

Auto-follow up, snippets, shortcuts

Assign & Mention


19$ per user / month

Everything in startup

Up to 50 users

Unlimited inboxes

24/7 customer support

Free onboarding training


Custom Pricing

Unlimited users

Dedicate daccount manager

Customer data access management

Custom integration with your tools


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

We asked some of our early-access users what they thought of Koru. Here's what they had to say.

“With Koru we don't need to guess what we should build. Having customer requests easily filterable and linkable to open issues helps us prioritize and build the best product possible.”

Tim Fenton
Co-founder at MeetInOne

“Koru has allowed us to cut our bug fix and thus ticket resolution time by 50%.”

Sarah Wilson
Head of Customer Support at OnlyWishList

“In a startup conserving resources is essential. I used to spend 3 hours per day on customer support. With Koru I now spend less than 30 minutes and my customers are happier than ever.”

Brain Yin
Co-founder at Walkin